Short Course Programme

  • These courses are designed to train caddies in the basic requirements for the opportunities to caddy part time on the local NZ market. Theses are presented as 3 day block courses at various golf courses and regions.


  • Course venues and times will be advised once we have processed your application. 


  • The Short Course A.C.T. Certification enables the caddy to offer their services for a range of events available including National Opens, Interprovincial/Local events, growing Tourism market, Corporate and Private events.



  • The presence of caddies throughout NZ are a significant factor in golfers choosing NZ as a destination.


NZ Golf Tourism

  • Golf Tourism in NZ is in its infancy

  • 36,000 international tourists played golf in NZ (2014-2015), spending $169 million

  • This amount is predicted to grow up to $223 million within three years

  • Markets that provide most golf tourists include Australia, USA, China, and Japan.



"Having qualified and quality caddies available for our international clients is developing NZ's reputation as a golfing destination."- Ryan Brandeburg (Executive Director of Golf Tourism NZ).