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Joshua is currently bagging for Kieran Muir, NZPGA, on Australasian events.


Next events to keep an eye out for them include the Victorian Open, Perth Super 6 and NZ Open.

Joshua Presley

NZ Golf 2018 Scholarship


The Kinloch Club

Taupo, New Zealand

+64 (0)7 377 8482

The Kinloch Club have just completed our Short Course Programmes with ten part-time caddies. They now offer caddies as an extension to their services for their clientele and with the word getting around, the request for caddies is increasing. 

"Having caddies direct new players around the course, especially on their first visit, assists them to enjoy this testing track. Our international visitors relish the opportunity to talk about our region and nation - great ambassadors for NZ and the game." - Paul Charman, CaddieMaster

Kevin McGuiness and Jaryd Felton.

New Zealand Open 2018

Josh Presley with Adam urdett who finished strongly for 11th place.

Keep an eye on these two for the future - on bag for some upcoming Tour Events.

Reuben Brown looking after Barack Obama at TaraIti GC 

John Mitchell with his team.

John Mitchell at Sky City's Event at

Windross GC




This season's recipient of NZGolf Caddy scholarship has competed the programme this year with outstanding results. His goal of pursuing this career pathway and developing the skills and knowledge required for an international circuit has just seen him caddying at the Australian PGA event, where his player, Ollie Farr (Wales), finished in 24th position.

He is extremely grateful to NZGolf for their support and assistance in enabling him to pursue his dreams of caddying full time. He will be employed by TaraIti Golf Course this summer to further his development. TaraIti are positive supporters of this programme, offering our top trainees positions over the summer and guiding them for other opportunities.

Joshua Presley

Aquina's College

2017/2018 NZGolf Caddy Scholarship

2017 LGPA

Our team efforts at the McKayson's Woman's Open had a 50% cut rate - not that bad with no-one ranked lower than 233. Trainees ecstatic with the opportunities and week's activities - as were organisers - with our performances.

Joshua at the last hole

Kevan McGuiness & Theresa O'Hara

Kevan McGuiness - ProAm Crew

John Mitchell with Karen Chung

Sky at work with Becky Morgan

Jacob and the CHAMP

ProAm: Sponsor and Lydia's group

Angelo also not missing out!

Our Director looking after Lydia's swing!

Quotes of the Week

"Was told only made cut because of me...was retiring as missed last six cuts..." Kevan McGuiness at LPGA as caddy for Theresa O'Hara 

"What an experience - give me more." Kevan to Kevan

"LPGA organising team so appreciative of quality NZ Caddies being available for all the events..." Michael Goldstein LPGA

"Skytower aka Angelo Hill caddy's with the passion he showed playing basketball for Wellington 1990's." Andrew Whiley, NZ Caddiemaster

Steve Adams Invitational Event: Windross Farm Golf Course

This Celebrity Fundraising Event saw a mixture of Full Time, Part Time, wannabe and retired caddies give their time and fees towards this Sports Foundation. An enjoyable couple of days with Geert and Kelvin taking our award. 

Kelsen Butler (Event Organiser) - "Teams so appreciative, caddies got a standing ovation at formal presentations. Bibs are on the way". 

Dean Ross with Beaver

Ron Daly Jr & Ryan Nelson

John Mitchell and Team

Steve Watson's crew

Robin Connor's & Andy Jones' Team

Ron & 'Bruce' 

Beaudy & John Mitchell

Joshua's Crew

Tim Southie & Reuben

Kane and The Man

We thought Skytower tall!

Sky, Jeff Wilson, Aarun

Joshua Royds (our 2016 NZGolf Scholarship recipient) has accepted a caddy position at Cabot Cliffs and Cabot Links in Canada for our 2017 winter. Keep an eye out for his reports. 

2016's Scholarship Recipient, Joshua Royds, at Cabot Cliffs, Canada for our winter.


"I hear it was a winter worth missing over there... course here unbelievable."

2017 NZ Open

Kevan McGuinness caddied in Ryan Fox/Steve Williams group for Jarryd Felton, Day 3 of the Open. "What an experience, caddying with the best...a fantastic learning curve..." 

Our trainees would like to acknowledge our local Pro players and administrators who offered their bags and knowledge at the recent national and international events:


Brad Hayward                   Gareth Paddison                     Dominic Barsten                 Josh Whitehouse (Aust)


Brad Shilton                      Jarryd Felton (Aust)                 Ryan Fox  

Michael Goldstein            Kelson Butler                           Windross Farm G.C.             Ryan Brandeburg

   LPGA Director                       Steven Adams Tournament/Sports Inc            Management Team                                       CEO NZGolf Tourism


Steven McDonald             Dean Murphy                           Dominic Sainsbury               Sky Sport

  TaraIti Caddiemaster                            NZ Golf                                                              NZPGA                                                         Fieldwork at LPGA


Michael Williams             Andrew Whiley

  CEO Manawatu G.C.                            Caddiemaster NZ Open

Caddy Opportunities at Tara Iti Golf Course, Mangawhai

Several of our trainees are developing their skills and pathways with work experience and loops at Tara Iti Golf Course. Their programme offers part-time opportunities for our trainees to 'taste' a resort course conditions and environment as part of their education. 

"...excited to have caddies on the ACT Programme working with us...very keen and open-minded given the snake pit and nature of our work." 

"Your qualified caddies have been nothing short of a saviour for the Caddie Master...incredible workers and caddies...members love them."

            29/10/2016 -  SCHOLARSHIP AWARD to ACT's Josh Royds

New Zealand Golf is pleased to announce 18-year-old Joshua Royds of Tara Iti Golf Club is the inaugural recipient of New Zealand Caddy Scholarship for 2016.








The award is offered annually to a caddie trainee to assist with their endeavours to develop and progress their pathway and the Otamatea College student has shown great potential leading up to this moment.

Royds efforts, progress and abilities, have culminated in him being offered a position at Kingsbarns (St Andrews, Scotland), for their 2017 season. He will take up the opportunity after a full season caddying at Tara Iti this summer.

Steven MacDonald, caddie master at Tara Iti, expressed his joy for Royds efforts and looks forward to seeing him progress.

“We are extremely proud of Josh and the commitment to his learning and how he has evolved on the golf course with our members and guests,” said MacDonald.

“He shows an appetite and enthusiasm which every one of us here enjoys and my only worry is burning him out!

“I believe Kingsbarns will further his skills and fitness which in turn will bring the kind of professionalism that others will aspire to in the future. He is quickly becoming the benchmark for success here at Tara Iti Golf Club.”

The Academy of Caddy Training aims to develop the New Zealand trainees' skills, knowledge and abilities so they are able to caddy professionally at our national and international courses/resort networks and of course on the biggest tour events.

We look forward to watching Royds progress as he looks to become one of the best in the business and for more information on the programme visit 

Joshua caddying for Matt Kuchar at TaraIti

Ryan Brandeburg (NZ Golf Tourism CEO) with Reuben at Kingsbarns Golf Course.

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