Schools Star/Gateway/Careers/Academy Programme

Jacob: Te Kawhata College

Josh: Aquines College

Josh Royds: Otamatea College

The Elite ACT Caddy Programme focuses on the student attaining the knowledge, the skills and the attitudes required to become a successful golf caddy and develop transferable life skills applicable to the trainee's individual pathways.

It contains two components for each of the Four Modules:

  1. Bookwork activities

  2. Practical tasks

The student is required to complete each Module numerically, and will not receive the following Module until an assessment and evaluation is completed for the previous one. 

Module One focuses on the history of the game and knowledge of NZ's culture. These areas are applied regularly in the profession, especially of caddying at an international event, course, or resort.  

We are able to assess a student's motivation and ability for our profession's needs by the standards and assessments they present in completing Module One. 

The Elite Programme is offered to Secondary School students as either part of:

School Gateway Programme

The Module's book and practical activities are posted to the Trainee, to be completed and then returned to ACT for assessment. 

The work placement components of the programme may be completed with caddied loops at a local club (most clubs have a Members Day weekly), local/national events (e.g. NZPGA, NZ Open, Inter-provincial), tourist market requests, preparation days for their Course Strategy Books, administration/course management tasks at a Course or playing a course to evaluate various strategies. 

Most of our clubs are positive and proactive in assisting the students with their requirements. We have attached below a range of L1-3 Unit Standards that are applicable to each Module that the students are able to complete to gain the minimum education requirements.

We liaise with the teachers, student and whanau throughout the programme, including their progress, Module evaluations, their short/long term goals and discuss the practical components required.

STAR Programmes

The Year 11-13+ Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) offers flexible funding within the school's Operational Grants for programmes that support student's career pathways. 

Course criteria for STAR Courses include:

  • work-based learning

  • lead towards, but not explicitly include, the achievement of NCEA and other qualifications on the NZQF (L1/3 Unit Standards are available at each Module)

  • support for students transition to further education, training or employment

STAR Course Delivery Criteria gives opportunities for the students to be part of on/off site industry training.

Careers Option

Students are able to enrol into the Elite Course and complete the programme part-time around their school studies. Regular contact between ACT, the trainee and whanau is part of this programme's delivery. 

The associated pathways/contacts that are involved in golf/sport industry are numerous. The opportunities related to the programme's contents introduce many life skills that will develop each student's progress and personal development. 







Suggest to your students they read Steve William's Out of the Rough, or Think Like a Caddy, Play like a Pro by James Y. Bartlett prior to registering. Both books give an in-depth look into the knowledge and work ethic required to reach the top of the profession. 

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