Programme Overviews



  • Our Elite Programme focuses on the trainees with future goals of caddying full-time as a career pathway. 




  • The Modules contents have been drafted in consultation with several former/present caddies and playing professionals, with areas forever evolving and developing. This programme will give you the knowledge, skills, attitudes and opportunities to reach your personal goals. 


  • On completion of all Five Modules, each trainee will receive the Elite Qualification - as all our Modules have practical components, we are in regular contact with your progress and future goals. 

  • The Programme's Practicums require several levels of practical looping. These are discussed at our initial interviews in reference to which areas, events and facilities a trainee will require. 








  • NZGolf offers selected trainees a Scholarship to assist with further training costs on completion of Module One. 


  • We provide our trainees with regular email updates, including progress reports, industry news, and events and positions available.  


  • We do have restrictions on the numbers of trainees participating in the Programme. Positions become available as each group qualify or move onto the next level. These are discussed on Application


  • Upon registration, a Profile of each trainee is posted on our Caddy Team page. These are accessed by various areas within the industry for a range of possible positions. 


  • Once an application is received, we contact you directly to discuss your details and future goals. To be accepted into the academy's programmes, the prospective trainees will participate in our induction activities to assess their suitability, potential and abilities to complete the programmes. 


  • A positive and diligent work ethic, within all areas of this career, is essential for you to be a successful caddy.


  • Recommendation prior to applying - Read Steve Williams' book Out of the Rough. It gives an insight into what is required to become a successful caddy. 


"Anyone can learn how to measure a golf course - it's as much about psychology as lagging a bag and giving yardages"


- Steve Willams, quote from Out of the Rough




  • The Courses are presented as 3 Day intensives at various golf courses and areas as required. 


  • Certification from these courses enables the caddy to register as a member of A.C.T.'s Caddy Team for all national and local events, including part-time caddying for the Tourist Market. 


  • Times, Dates, and Venues will be advertised. 




NZ Schools Gateway/STAR Programme is a NZ Schools curriculum based course that offers students work experience, development of their networks and career pathway opportunities.